Excuse me for wasting the 7 minutes of my life it will take me to write this and the 2 minutes it will take you to read it. But this bullshit has to end. By “bullshit,” of course, I am referring to James Frey’s ‘controversial’ book A Million Little Pieces that came out in 2003. After repeated allegations that Frey made up many details included in this life memoir, Oprah had him back on the show for a follow-up interview. The NY Times reported that “Ms. Winfrey, alternately fighting back tears and displaying vivid anger, berated Mr. Frey for duping her and her audience.”

Now, on a review on Amazon.com, Doubleday and Anchor books have made a statement which includes, “…it is not the policy or stance of this company that it doesn’t matter whether a book sold as nonfiction is true. A nonfiction book should adhere to the facts as the author knows them.”

But come with me, folks, and lets break it down. Our beloved friend Dick (dictionary.com) defines fiction as

An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented.

Then, Dick defines nonfiction as

Prose works other than fiction.

So let me get this straight. Fiction is where the story is made up. Nonfiction is prose that is not fiction. But A Million Little Pieces was a memoir. Does that change anything? Dick?

memoir: An account of the personal experiences of an author.

Frey didn’t make the story up. He embellished some of the facts as they related more close to his experience of the issues. Perhaps he even did it to sell more books. But guess what, America.

YOU BOUGHT THE DAMN BOOK. More than two million copies in three months, actually. And you loved it. Raved about it even. Now, you find out that it wasn’t exactly nonfiction as you normally think of it (although since it wasn’t fiction, Dick says it was nonfiction) and one of you is even suing. Why exactly do people sue again? Oh yeah. For MONEY.

Oprah, save your tears. You weren’t duped, mostly because you probably didn’t even make the decision to sign the book onto your Book Club. Everyone needs to just calm down.

Including me. Peace.



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